Dual Hinge Drivers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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In recent years legions of golfers have begun using dual hinge drivers to improve their games. While many new pieces of equipment you see on late night infomercials that promise to allow you to hit the green every time are nothing more than overrated fads, these dual hinge drivers have helped many golfers resolve swing deficiencies. Through their unique design they allow you to learn how to swing a smooth club, helping you to hit a more consistently straight and true shot.

Dual hinge drivers use the breaking action of their pivots to force you to swing the club on a smoother plane. The ability to stroke the club in a smooth fashion is one the most difficult things to learn. There is no one body type, and while there is a correct way to swing a golf club, it can be difficult to fit the proper technique to your frame. The dual hinge driver allows you to find the right balance for you, regardless of your physique.

What If I Am too Short for Standard Dual Hinge Drivers?

Dual hinge drivers can be used by anybody, tall or short. It is just a matter of working with your local pro shop to adjust the length of your new training device. This works for short or tall people, for an adequate pro shop has the ability to shorten or lengthen any club shaft to fit your needs.

While many late night gimmicks are reminiscent of Rene Russo in "Tin Cup", providing no real benefits to your game, dual hinge drivers have had a great deal of success in helping golfers perfect their swings.

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