Dynacraft Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Junior golf clubs are designed for a variety of specifications, depending on the skill level and age of the child. Young players with a high skill level would benefit from using a club that more closely matches the loft of adult clubs. For children who are just learning the game of golf, a set of clubs with higher lofts would be ideal. Many of the clubs with higher lofts are designed for children between three and eight. Dynacraft has designed a set of clubs for older children who are just learning the game of golf.

Design Basics of Dynacraft Junior Clubs

Dynacraft has introduced a set of clubs built specifically for kids ages nine through twelve. The Copperhead series is designed for children who are just learning how to play the game. Adult clubs will have lower lofts that make it very difficult for a player learning the game to hit consistent golf shots. Dynacraft Copperhead golf clubs will have higher lofts than adult clubs; the driver has 15 degrees of loft and the nine iron has 50 degrees of loft. An adult driver can have a loft as low as nine degrees and a nine iron will likely have 41 degrees of loft.

Dynacraft Copperhead woods include a special copper ring to aid in weight distribution. The ring is intended to shift the center of gravity towards the sole and center of the club face. This weight distribution will aid in getting the club face square at impact. Copperhead irons are cavity-backed designed irons. A cavity back iron will shift the weight of the iron to the perimeter.

Dynacraft Copperhead clubs are available in a set of seven clubs. Each set includes a 15 degree driver and a 19 degree three wood. The woods are designed with a low profile club head. Cavity back irons available in a set include a three, seven, and nine irons, and a pitching wedge (all with graphite shafts). The putter is a heel-toe weighted putter to aid in getting a straight and square putting stroke.

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