Fujikura Golf Shafts

Written by Scott Martin
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Fujikura golf shafts are the most popular graphite shaft sold in Japan. Their shafts are touted for their innovative designs and superior technologies. They have many different types of golf shafts which you can choose from.

The Basics of Fujikura Golf Shafts

You can most likely find some Fujikura golf shafts that work well for your golf game. Ranging from more basic golf shafts to more intricate shafts, you can find a shaft that will fit into your game just right. The type of golf shaft you choose will depend on your specific needs as well as how much you are willing to spend on the shaft.

The most affordable of the Fujikura golf shafts is the Vista Pro series. This series includes the Vista Pro 60, 70, 80 and 90. The next step up is the Prototype 70 shaft.

At the high end of the Fujikura golf shaft scene is the PROS 3 shaft. This is a 60 gram low bend shaft and runs roughly $275. There are many other options in between the high and low end of Fujikura shafts. The important thing is to find the shaft that works best for you.

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