Gift Certificate

Written by Donald Sparacin
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How many times have you received a gift certificate from someone to a store that you know has absolutely nothing you could possibly use? Then there's the gift certificate that you receive for something the giver wants you to use - like the 10 sessions at a fitness center from your wife? You'd rather get your exercise swinging a club or walking a course than sweating in some indoor torture chamber, right?

Tell Them You Want a Golf Gift Certificate

When asked the age old question of what you'd like for Christmas, this year tell them to give you a golf related gift certificate. Some people need to be told what to give. When left to their own imagination, some people are clueless. For them, a gentle reminder that you are a golfer often helps, but does it really?

Many people use the knowledge that you love the game of golf to buy you every piece of nonsense that marketers sell. How much golf toilet paper can you use? Do you really need another golf coffee mug or teddy bear holding a stuffed driver? Tell them! It's easy to drop a hint that you'd love to play a round or twenty of golf at various courses, and that the only way to get that is with a golf gift certificate.

You can let your friends and loved ones know that they won't find that perfect gift certificate in a store. They aren't sold in stores. The best way to get a great golf certificate is through a good online service. All they need to do is search the words "golf gift certificate" and they'll find plenty of pages to help them help you. Even better, email them this page and they can follow our link to exactly what you want - the perfect golf gift certificate.

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