Golf In Austin

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf in Austin can sometimes get lost in the honky tonk-spiced shuffle to which the town moves. When you live in the Live Music Capital of the World it can be hard to focus on anything but the twang of the guitar and the roar of the drum. Visitors are caught up immediately in the sweet cacophony thanks to live shows which start as you enter the airport and don't stop until dawn.

But you're going to need a break from all of that music sometime--you don't want to strain your ears, you know--and, besides, most of the really good stuff doesn't start until the evening. What could be a more relaxing way to pass those sun-drenched hours than playing golf in Austin? Golfing counts as double vacation points, for not only are you working on your tan, but you'll be seeing the sights at the same time.

Deals on Golf in Austin

We all know how sweet it feels to smack that perfect drive, one in which you catch the ball perfectly in the sweet spot. Well, finding an excellent deal on green fees at a reputable course can feel just as good, especially if the course itself presents a particularly exciting layout. While golf clubs often offer specials, they just don't compare to the deal you can find by searching the web.

Many people wonder where to find a detailed listing of the places where it's cheapest to play golf in Austin. Some online golf sites offer the chance to secure inexpensive green fees in advance. It's much easier to excel in the selection process than it is to excel on the course itself!

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