Golf In Austin Texas

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf in Austin Texas is as varied and surprising as, well, just about everything else in Austin! What else would you expect from a town that holds both a major music festival and a biker rally in the same year--all while serving as the state capitol! You can find just about anything you want in Austin, and that certainly goes for golf.

Deciding to play is just the first step, though. Even before you get your clubs ready, you'll have to make a number of choices, revolving around the difficulty, look and price of any given course. Luckily, there are so many different kind of courses in the Austin area that you're all but assured of finding one that matches your game and personality.

Local Golf in Austin Texas

One of the greatest parts of living in Austin is the sheer number of courses you'll be able to visit in a given year. While it gets a bit rainy in the winter and a bit, ahem, warm in the summer, the opportunities for golf extend virtually year-round. A single year figures out to a whole bunch of golf in Austin Texas.

That's a good thing for residents, as exercise it at a premium in this city given the local cuisine. How else can you indulge in ribs, brisket, tacos and burritos and still keep your figure? Just follow the proscribed routine: after you've searched the web for your next culinary conquest, do a quick search to schedule a round of golf in Austin Texas.

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