Golf Bag Pull Carts

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Walking is an integral part of the game of golf. Walking the course, carrying the clubs and swinging the club is a great test of a person's stamina. For some, that test detracts from the enjoyment of the game. For a player who wants to walk but would like it to be a little easier, a pull cart is the right tool.

Pull carts are available for rent from golf courses. If you are only planning on playing a couple of times a year, that would be a viable option. If you plan on playing consistently or at least several times a month, investing in a pull cart is the best option over the long run. The amount of investment needed will depend on the style and options of the pull cart you choose to buy.

Choosing a Pull Cart

There are basically two types of pull carts--two wheel and three wheel. A two wheel cart requires a golfer to tilt the cart in order for it to move. This tilting action will require a little more energy to move the cart than a three wheel cart. Three wheel carts are ready to move at any time. This includes when you park them, so make sure you don't leave your cart parked on a hill next to a water hazard.

Most pull carts will have a strap to secure the bag in place. There are other options available for pull carts that vary among the different models. Tire size, type and tread will vary among different pull carts. Some carts include inflated rubber tires with deep tread while others will have wheels made of plastic. Cup holders, ideally free swinging cup holders, can be included with a cart. An area to write on and keep a score card, as well as ball and tee holders, may also be a part of a select cart. If you plan on walking and playing a lot, it would be a wise move to purchase a pull cart.

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