Golf Bags For Kids

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Deciding on a golf bag is not as simple as one would originally think. Though most junior club sets come with a bag, you may want to consider looking into a different bag for your child's set of clubs. The number of clubs in the set, the age of the child, how often the child plays and whether the kid walks or rides are all things to consider when deciding on which bag to use. Each bag will have different components that will cater to different needs of young golfers.

Components of a Golf Bag

The number of clubs in the set will determine the size of the bag you will want to use. For younger players with small sets, a bag with a smaller diameter will be ideal. This will allow the young player to easily carry the clubs over the several thousand yards the kid will walk when playing the game. A smaller, lighter bag will be energy efficient, saving valuable energy for the swing and not the walk.

The inside of each bag will contain dividers that keep clubs separated. Some bags only have three dividers that are located at the top of the bag. These separators only keep the heads of the clubs from mingling together. Since they do not extend down the length of the bag, the bottom of the clubs can get all mixed together. This may cause some periodic problems with getting clubs back into the bag. Some dividers will travel the length of the entire bag, creating compartments for each club or for a small group of clubs. If there are only a few clubs in the set, a top-only separator would be sufficient. If the child has a full set of clubs, you may want to consider a bag with separators that travel the length of the bag.

The number of pockets the bag has is another thing to consider. A bag should allow enough space for a player to carry a supply of golf balls and tees that will last a full round. The bag should also have pockets that can carry light jackets or a sweater in case of a change in the weather while playing. A small pocket for carrying pencils and ball markers is valuable to have as well. If a player walks a lot, a bag with double straps will help evenly distribute the weight across both shoulders, making it much more comfortable to carry the bag.

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