Golf Ball Collector

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Collectible golf balls are the fastest-growing segment of golf novelties. Modern logo balls, autographed balls, and antique or rare golf balls are all prized. College insignia and symbols ranging from the Playboy bunny to the Pink Panther are all available on golf balls, as well.

To show off your golf ball collection, you might consider cabinets or display racks. From simple hanging racks to large, wooden, floor-standing cabinets that hold hundreds of balls, there is a display case for every size collection. Cabinets range from under twenty dollars to several thousand dollars for a custom, hand-made cabinet.

Collecting Antique Golf Balls

Antique golf balls are especially prized if they are unused, come in the original packaging, and pre-date World War II. At least two hundred different manufacturers produced golf balls prior to that time and most of those companies no longer exist or are focused on other businesses.

Collectible golf balls are available via online dealers, specialized antique stores, and, sometimes, at golf course pro shops. There is an active resellers community. Many of these items are featured on online auctions sites, such as eBay. Prices for collectible golf balls vary from several dollars to several thousand dollars.

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