Golf Ball Markers

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Golf ball markers are small (around one inch in diameter), flat disks that a golfer places on the green when removing his ball to clear the way for other players to putt. They can be made of silver, plastic, 24K gold, or metal with cloisonné. They can be plain, simple disks or elaborate works of art.

Golf ball markers make ideal corporate gifts, giveaways for golf outings, golf awards, and hole-in-one prizes. They can be engraved with a person's name, initials, or designed with a corporate logo. Particularly important, golf ball markers can be an affordable way of keeping your company's name in front of your clients.

Collecting Golf Ball Markers

Golf ball markers have gained popularity as collectibles. Like pins at the Olympics, they are traded and displayed off of the golf course as well as on it. Unique, less common markers, such as those commemorating a major golf championship, are especially prized. You can even find display cases specifically made to show off these markers. Golf ball markers can also be used as lapel pins, perfect for those after-golf events.

Golf ball markers are typically quite affordable. Most can be purchased for under ten dollars. Many companies will engrave the markers at no additional charge. Golf ball markers are available from online golf retailers and local golf stores, or, by special order, at country club golf pro shops.

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