Golf Ball Retrievers

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Other than the round itself, golf balls can be one of the most expensive recurring costs involved with playing golf. A dozen of high quality, soft cover golf balls can costs as much as $40. Golf courses will include water hazards on the course to increase difficulty. Unfortunately, these water hazards do not return your golf ball if you hit into one. For a player that has a propensity to find the water, a golf ball retriever is a good tool to have in the bag.

Golf Ball Retriever Styles

Most golf ball retrievers have telescoping handles. These handles allow a player to reach a golf ball in the water that would normally be out of reach. Telescoping retrievers will come in a selection of different lengths. Most retrievers will be about 15 feet, but can come as long as 18 feet or as short as 12 feet. A disadvantage for a telescoping handle is they can sometimes get stuck once fully elongated. This can make for a hassle if you have a full 18 foot handle sticking out of your bag.

The head of the retriever is likely a basket head. These heads pivot back to allow the golf ball to fall into the basket. Once the ball is in, the basket the head is turned right side up and the ball is pulled out of the water. Some retrievers will have a rake style head to pull the ball out of the water. Other retrievers can include a wire head that clasps onto the golf ball once a ball is forced between the two wires.

A golf ball retriever will easily fit into a bag with the fourteen golf clubs. Retrievers can cost as little as $10 for a very small plastic model, or as high as $50 for a large steel retriever. When fishing for golf balls out of a hazard, make sure you do not use the older balls. A ball that has been in the water for an extended period of time can get waterlogged and lose its distance.

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