Golf Banners

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A promotional golf banner can serve the same purpose as a state lottery commercial, the kind where an average Joe working a thankless job has just won the lottery and decides to buy his favorite sports franchise. Those advertisements start people dreaming about all the things they would do with that much money. An effective golf sign tells people when a tournament will be held and what prizes they could win.

Some courses offer prizes as high as $1 million for making a hole in one. Is there any better way to generate interest in a golf outing than putting that much money up for grabs and advertising the prize in tremendous bold letters where hundreds of golfers will see it every day until the tournament begins? Of course, there's no guarantee any participants will make a hole in one; in all probability, nobody will. With that much money available, however, people start thinking, "Plenty of holes in one have been made before. Why won't it happen on that day? Why not on that hole? Why not me?"

Prize Signs Start People Dreaming

One of my dad's favorite tee shirts reads, "If there's no golf in Heaven, I don't want to go." Many golfers believe their personal Heaven would be right here on earth if only they had a million dollars. If they sunk that million dollar shot, why not quit the day job, play for a week or two in Hawaii, and then take a golf trip to Las Vegas or wherever else their hearts desire? Money isn't everything, but a million bucks sure makes a lot of things much easier.

Not all tournaments offer that much money, but companies that offer hole-in-one insurance make lucrative prizes very affordable. A $25,000 jackpot costs only a few hundred dollars of insurance, which is easily covered by tournament entry fees. Whatever awards are available, a large sign outside the clubhouse can create enough hype to get people dreaming about winning.

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