Golf Club Accessories

Written by Jacey Harmon
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There are a whole host of accessories for a golfer to utilize. They can range from a necessity to just a silly fashion statement. The uses for golf accessories can range from helping golfers gauge yardage to keeping score. They can also help the golfer keep the golf course and golf clubs in prime condition.

For individuals who have a hard time remembering how many shots they take, there are a variety of tools available to use. These "score keepers" can range from a simple concept like a group of beads on a string to a counter similar to an umpire's counter. If you are in a competitive round of golf, a score keeper is likely unnecessary as your competitor is likely keeping track of your score.

Head covers are an important part of the golf accessories world. They were originally used to protect the heads of a wood from nicks and dents caused by an iron. Nowadays most woods are made out of durable metals, making the original use of the head cover somewhat unnecessary. However it is still fashionable to use head covers--they can promote your favorite cartoon character or sports team.

Necessary Golf Accessories

Every golfer should have at least one ball mark repair tool. When the golf ball hits the green, it leaves a dent in the playing surface and damages the turf. A ball mark repair tool will fix the dent and help the turf heal itself. A ball mark that is not fixed can take up to two weeks to heal. Not fixing the ball mark is rude to fellow golfers and the maintenance staff that puts in a lot of work maintaining the greens.

A club cleaner is another necessary accessory every golfer should have. Each club has a set of grooves on the face of the club. These grooves are what grips the ball and creates a straight ball flight and spin. If the grooves are filled with dirt, the ball will spin less and will likely slip off the club face instead of blasting off. This can cause a loss of distance and more frequent errant shots.

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