Golf Club Assembly

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf club assembly brings to mind factories spitting out head and shaft-shaped slabs of metal to be painstakingly put together by top design professionals. Perhaps you think of little out-of-the-way shops inhabited by mystical seeming golf gurus, who know just the right way to fit the various pieces of a club together. In reality, there's a good chance that there is someone putting together their own clubs right in your neighborhood--and you can be the next to unlock the secrets of club making!

Golf club assembly is not just for the so-called "experts" anymore. With club components available for anyone to purchase, all of the material you need is easily accessible. And putting together a club isn't as difficult as you might think--all it takes is the ability to follow directions!

Golf Club Assembly in Your Home

While you'll need a few pieces of equipment to get a club together (mostly small stuff, like epoxy and ferrules), there's no reason you can't set up a great golf experiment in your basement. Not only are the shafts and heads cheaper when bought separately, but the satisfaction of making them into a usable club is a real golf highlight waiting to happen! Such thrills are readily available to the recreational golfer.

Try out different clubs without doing too much damage to your wallet. You can put together the combinations you've always wanted to try, and experiment with different metals and high-tech materials. One thing's for sure--by doing your own golf club assembly, you'll wind up with a set of clubs you can't find anywhere else!

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