Golf Club Components

Written by Alex Miller
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Golf club components are the pieces that make up the golf club. You may initially look at a club and think the construction is fairly simple. If you are a more advanced golfer, you know all the intricate design that goes into making a quality club.

Various Gold Club Components

While a club looks like one piece of equipment, it is actually made up of several golf club components. The first component is the golf club head. Heads are generally either stainless steel wood or iron. Heads come in various varieties such as putter heads, wedge heads and driving iron heads.

Grips are another of the many golf club components. Grips are necessary to hold the club correctly and maintain a good swing. The shaft is an essential part of the club and many people have specific preferences as to the best shafts for them.

In addition to the basic golf club components, there are many other accessories that go into the game of golf. You can purchase golf gloves which can improve your game as well as golf shoes. You'll also eventually want to get a top notch golf bag to hold all your equipment.

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