Golf Club Components

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The separate, individual pieces of a golf club and the materials used in those pieces are referred to collectively as golf club components. Each part of the club, the head, the grip, the shaft, are all individual golf club components. It is also important to examine the materials used in those components to get a complete understanding of the club you are going to purchase.

A Look at Golf Club Components

Let's start at the grip. This is an important component. A good grip can help your shot as much as a bad grip can hurt it. Grip size is important because the grip must fit your hand. Too small or too large a grip will adversely affect your swing. There are different styles of grip. Cross cut, wrap, and traction grips are a few examples and most are made of a synthetic, rubbery material.

Shafts are the second of the essential golf club components. Shafts can be made of different materials such as graphite or steel. Shafts generally have what is called a bend point somewhere in the middle. The weight, bend, and material of the shaft will all have an impact on feel and accuracy.

Finally, there is the head of the club. There are many different types of heads. Originally, the heads on woods were made of, what else, wood. Today, most are made of some sort of titanium or other composite. Some woods have weight inserts for increased performance. The heads on irons are flatter and the angle of the plane affects your shot's height and distance.

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