Golf Clubs For Kids

Written by Jacey Harmon
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The game of golf is a great game for children to learn to play. The rules of the game teach integrity and honesty as there are no referees to call penalties. Instead, the player calls a penalty on himself and asses it to his score. The customs of golf also teach young players to be courteous to other people and players. When playing golf, it is important to be respectful of other players and the golf course. The essence of the game of golf can help instill valuable character attributes to a young, impressionable player.

In order to play golf you need to have certain equipment. Golf clubs, balls, tees, and a bag are all essential if a kid is going to learn how to play the game. When equipping a child to play golf it is important to understand what to start with. Certainly golf clubs are essential to anybody who plays or learns to play golf. The rules of golf allow for a player to carry up to 14 clubs in the bag.

Each club has a different purpose and degree of loft. A wood will carry the lowest degree of loft but will typically hit the ball farther. A wood is most commonly used on the tee box at the beginning of each hole. Irons carry varying degrees of loft and are the largest group of clubs in the bag. A putter is flat faced and is used on the green to "putt" the ball into the hole. Typically a wood, a couple of irons, and a putter are all that is needed for a beginning player. The age and skill level of the kid will determine how many clubs to have in the bag.

Golf Clubs for Kids

The height and age of the child plays a large role in determining what type and how many clubs to use. It may be worth considering custom built clubs. Most clubs are manufactured to standard lengths and weights. As we all know, kids do not come in standard lengths and weights. Using a custom set of clubs will allow your child to use the clubs for a longer period of time and probably get the hang of the game a little better. Typically a set of well built custom clubs will last for two seasons of use.

Younger children, ranging from three to five, will want to use a lighter, shorter golf club. The lighter club allows a young player to easily swing the club while learning how to properly use all the muscles involved with swinging. Many people who have never played the game of golf do not understand how physically demanding it is to swing a club. Your legs, back, shoulders, arms, and neck are all used with a single swing of the club. By making the club lighter for younger children, they will be able to get a better handle on the basic mechanics of the swing.

The height of the club is also important to consider for young and old players alike. Each club has what is called a "lie angle." This is the angle the shaft is at when the club is placed on the ground. A club that is too short for a player may result in a player overcompensating and bending the back or legs more. This bending can cause the lie angle to change and create more errant shots. A young player who keeps experiencing errant shots may not want to continue to play the game.

Finding and Choosing Golf Clubs for Kids

You can find a variety of golf clubs for kids at sports stores and shopping centers. The clubs that these businesses offer are mostly manufactured, pre-set clubs. To find a good set of custom clubs, you are going to need to find a golf shop. These specialty shops have an extensive knowledge of the game of golf and all its funny mechanics. They will be able to help you create a custom set of clubs that fit your kid. If a set of custom clubs costs a little more than a manufactured set, the extra cost will be more than made up for on the golf course.

Choosing a set of clubs for your kid will depend on your budget and how much interest your kid has in playing golf. For younger children there are clubs available that have some of their favorite cartoon characters. Older kids, however, may not appreciate having Snoopy plastered all over their clubs. If your kid has an extensive interest in playing golf, you will want to consider a club that will stand up to lots of abuse. After all, kids do have temper tantrums and golf has been known to cause a tantrum or two.

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