Golf Collectibles

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Golf collectibles are a growing market. As interest in golf increases, so does interest in the history and artifacts of the game. One of the most popular types of golf collectibles are the unique golf balls that pre-dated the current, dimpled ball. Both originals and the more affordable replicas are collected.

Own a Piece of Golf History

Antique golf clubs are also in demand. Putters, drivers, and irons from the late 1800s and early 1900s, both British and American, are collectible. Of course, these clubs are for display only, not to use. Quirky items can also be fun to collect. A silver, engraved hip flask or a snuffbox can make an interesting piece of golf history to display in a den or office.

Antique books about golf history and famous golf courses, or antique books written by famous golfers, are collectible. Sometimes treasures can be found at second-hand bookstores or garage and estate sales. Or, you can visit online golf bookstores. Biographies, history, golf course design books, and old rules books are all popular.

Golf antique dealers abound online. Most online retailers specialize in one type of item, like golf clubs or books. Alternately, you can browse online auction sites for interesting golf items. Finding the item that interests you may take some research. Good things, however, come to those who wait.

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