Golf Components

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf components function somewhat like a kaleidoscope--look through the lens of your web browser, and you will be confronted by an incredible range of different golfing options! There are many club shafts and club heads available, any of which can be combined to create the set of clubs tailored to your golfing preferences. No matter how strange the setup you desire, you'll be able to find the correct components to make your wildest dreams come true!

Of course, most golfers aren't looking for the strangest clubs--they're just looking for a solid set that will enhance their strengths without highlighting their weaknesses, all for a reasonable cost. That sounds like a lot to ask, but such clubs are indeed available if you're willing to work a little. Start with the browsing, move on to the assembly, and finish on the course with a bag full of goodies.

If you're willing to put together your own clubs, golf components can save you a lot of money. Don't be scared off by the process--there are plenty of online guides to club fitting to help you on your way. If this sounds like a task for you, then get ready to make some clubs, save some money, and play some great golf!

Golf Components: Club Shafts

Some of the first golf components you'll want to look over are club shafts. These shafts will certainly affect the outcome of a hit ball, depending mainly on the length and stiffness of the shaft. The two main materials used to make today's club shafts are graphite and steel, each of which has its own advantages.

Steel shafts are the more seasoned golf components, having been around in one form or another since the early part of last century. They will tend to be more flexible and more weighty than graphite, which leads to issues only if you need to add more weight to reduce torque. Being lighter and stiffer, graphite can be customized more easily, but will have a different feel that you may or may not prefer. Much of your decision will come down to your swing style and personal preferences--either way, it's hard to go wrong!

More Golf Components: Club Heads

Once you've found your shaft of choice, you'll need something to put at the end of it. Club heads are chosen mainly by their lie and loft, that is, the angles at which the sole and face of the head intersects with the shaft. These angles will determine, among other things, how high and far the ball will go when hit and how cleanly your swing comes through the ball.

As with many golf components, club heads have been spruced up in recent years thanks to the development of new technologies. Some heads include ball bearings or other modifications designed to provide a more generous "sweet spot" or get your club through air faster. Which designs have an affect on your game can only be determined by your individual style.

With so many of these golf components coming down to personal preference, it can be difficult to know where to start! Well, fear not--good suppliers of golf club components stock their websites with informative articles meant to help you both in choosing the right components and making them into a club. So relax--golf is meant to be enjoyed, and making your own clubs can be a wonderful way to get all you can out of this great game.

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