Golf Courses In Fort Worth

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf courses in Fort Worth, like the city itself, are prone to getting lost in the shuffle just a little bit. After all, how often does one hear the name "Fort Worth" without an accompanying mention of "Dallas," the major metropolis that sits just to the east? Don't let the lingo fool you--Fort Worth is a thriving area all on its own, and its golf resources rank with the region's best.

Fort Worth is a steadily-growing city with a population of over a half-million people. The city has been lauded for its efforts to cut down on excess pollution and travel time by implementing a number of commuter-friendly initiatives. Such focus on the community and the environment's well-being apparently extends to include the city's golf courses, which are both easily accessible and stunning to see.

Public Golf Courses in Fort Worth

Counted among the golf courses in Fort Worth are five municipal courses, one of which was thoroughly renovated in the 1990s and all of which offer valuable experience to golfers at any level. Several additional public courses dot the surrounding towns and cities, making Fort Worth a hotbed of putting and driving activity. Area courses have been counted among the very best in Texas--and in a state that size, such a distinction really means something!

The fact that the courses are good, however, doesn't mean you'll have to overpay to use them. In fact, on some internet sites you can find green fees for golf courses in Fort Worth at drastically reduced prices. Saving money on your golf can feel almost as good as that perfect drive down the middle!

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