Golf In Dallas

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf in Dallas: those three little words conjure memories that span all four seasons. Who can forget the springtime round amidst the bluebells, or the lazy wedge shot floating into the dense summer air, or the crisp drive down the middle on that crisp fall day, or the surprising score in the the surprisingly warm winter weather? No matter what day of the year, there's at least an outside chance for a memorable round of gold in Dallas.

What should be less memorable is the process of picking out a course. If you remember too much about the tee time reservations you made, chances are good that your memories are not quite as warm as the weather. Your time on the course is relaxing, and the means by which you get there should be too.

Easy Golf in Dallas

Wouldn't it be great of someone came to you with a list of courses with available time slots, and simply asked you how much you'd like to pay and when you'd like to play? Well, online reservations work much like this dream scenario. Sure, you have to type in a URL, but after that small step, choosing a course is about as taxing as a ride in a golf cart.

Here's how you do it: first, you choose a course and a price for greens fees. Then simply call up the course and set a time to play. Golf in Dallas just doesn't get much easier than that, and, best of all, you can simply forget about it until next time and enjoy your round of golf in Dallas.

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