Golf Driving Ranges

Written by Seth Cotterell
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All across America there are golf driving ranges popping up almost daily. These can be a golfer's best friend, for the more hours you spend hitting ball after ball, the better your game is going to get. Golf is just like anything else--practice makes perfect, and golf driving ranges offer the perfect way to practice your swing. There a variety of range styles and limitations that may or may not be helpful to your game.

What Are the Different Kind of Golf Driving Ranges?

The most prevalent type of driving range is the classic grass field with distance markers stuck in the ground to help you gauge how far you are hitting each club. These are common in every mid-sized city in America and the suburbs of every larger one. However, due to the high price of real estate in upper crust urban areas a different type of range has sprouted up.

While these new ranges are also large grass lots into which you launch your shots, the hitting area is a multi-level structure that allows a greater number of golfers to practice at the same time. These buildings have a very post-modern look, and have become the solution of choice in urbanized areas.

Some golf driving ranges have unique target areas, such as a lake or ravine that are designed to give a range a feeling of uniqueness. These can be very pleasant experiences, for even as you hit an errant shot there can be a strange feeling of satisfaction watching your ball skip across the water. Wherever you choose to hit balls, good luck in improving your game.

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