Golf Facts

Written by Michael O'Brien
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What are the origins of golf? The Chinese claim they played a form of golf around 300 B.C. Belgium played another game that was similar, "chole," around 1350. There are many claims to the invention of this great game, so golf is often referred to as "the ancient game." It's just easier that way and allows everyone to share in the history.

Scotland, Specifically

To be more specific, golf as we know it is easier to pin down. It's from Scotland, and it popped up around the 1300s. It's hard to imagine such a quiet game being drawn into controversy, but golf was actually banned in Scotland for about 50 years. Then it came back, as anything does that is banned, with a vengeance. Royals began playing one another, new balls were invented, Edinburgh produced the first official golf club, and tournaments formed.

Here are some random facts you probably didn't know. The world's longest golf course is the International Golf Club in Massachusetts. It has a par 77 that is 8,325 yards from the tiger tees. The longest recorded drive on a regular course was 515 yards by a Los Angeles man during a Las Vegas tournament. It rolled 65 yards past the flag, as it was helped by a 35 mile per hour tailwind.

Statistically, the odds of hitting a hole in one are about 2,000 to one. That's for good golfers. For an average golfer, that's more like 42,953 to one. When Tiger Woods hits the ball, his driver club is moving at about 122 miles per hour. That's definitely going to increase his chances of making an ace. Knowing the details of the longest and the best can be an inspiration and a challenge to many players.

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