Golf In Fort Worth

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf in Fort Worth is one of the little-known treasures available to Texans. Close to one golfing mecca in Dallas and sporting a thriving scene all its own, Fort Worth makes the most of both big city and small(er) city life by offering a wide array of choices in an intimate atmosphere. It's great to feel like a part of a burgeoning metropolis, but it's also nice to come back to a quieter, simpler place at the end of the day.

Not that you ever have to go very far to enjoy great golf in Fort Worth; indeed, the local options are nice enough to make many larger cities blush. But it never hurts to have a major urban center a few miles away to ensure a great deal of variety. In terms of finding an exciting place to play, the ball is definitely in the Fort Worth resident's court.

Decisions about Golf in Fort Worth

For those of us that have a hard time deciding where to eat dinner on a given night, choosing a golf course in a golf-friendly area can be like pulling teeth. It's like betting on horses--do you try to get a good tip, or do you just pick the name you like? Actually, when it comes to finding a suitable course, nothing beats solid research, a task that's much easier in the days of the internet.

Whether you're staying in Fort Worth or heading to Dallas this weekend, the links are ready and waiting. You can discover a lot about your options just from sitting at the computer for a few minutes, where you can access a course's own site or get an overview of golf for an entire area. Golf in Fort Worth and beyond is all right around the corner!

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