Golf Gloves For Kids

Written by Jacey Harmon
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The grip is one of the most important features of a golf swing. The grip is often overlooked when teaching a child how to play the game of golf. If a wrong grip is used, the player will likely have a higher chance of hitting errant shots like a slice or hook. A glove can be used to teach a proper grip and can allow the child to properly hold the club while swinging.

In wet weather conditions, golf grips may become slippery to hold onto. The slippery surface of the club's grip can cause slippage and errant shots. Golf gloves are designed to allow a player to hold onto a slippery grip while playing in wet conditions. For passionate golfers, a little rain never stopped a round but not being able to hold onto the club has.

Golf gloves can be made out of leather, synthetic leather or microfiber. They typically have a synthetic back to allow for the skin to breathe in hot weather conditions. The palm is usually designed out of leather or a synthetic material that creates a grip on the club. Gloves that are designed for juniors allow for flexibility in the palm and fingers to allow the glove to grow a little with the player. Junior gloves are also washable to help keep a clean appearance and extend the life of the glove.

Junior Gloves that Help Teach the Grip

There are a few select gloves designed to help junior players learn the proper golf grip. These gloves will have arrows on the glove surface to help direct proper placement of the hands. A proper grip should be the first thing a child learns when learning how to play golf. Without a proper grip, the chances of consistently hitting good shots decreases dramatically.

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