Golf Handicap Tournaments

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Golf tournament management software automatically does most of your work for you. It signs up golfers, partners players, and calculates and prints score cards. It should take you less than half an hour to get it all set up, then the program runs your tournament. Tournament managers don't have to do all the complex handicap calculation anymore; the computer will do it for you.

Individual or Team Golf Tournaments

Golf software can handle individual or team tournaments with teams from two to eight players. It tracks any number of individual golfers. You can run more than one day tournament, sometimes even up to five, depending on the program you get. You can record golfer's scores by hole, or just their totals. You can even develop a guest roster to support non-members who play.

Golf tournaments are a great way to test your skills and meet new people. Thanks to the institution of handicaps, players of various skills can co-mingle and compete on a level playing field. Everyone's game hits plateaus now and again. We get into ruts when we play the same golfers on the same course. In a tournament, you can be paired with a new person and compete against new rivals. It often takes your game to the next level.

A good place to find this software is online. Often, you can download it directly to your computer. That way, you don't have to mess with time consuming uploading. Pay later by check or pay online with a credit card. You don't even have to go to the store. Look around for the software that best suits your needs--all programs have unique features and interfaces, so look for clarity and flexibility above all.

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