Golf Instruction

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Golf instruction is big business in this country. Many golf pros make careers out of teaching the basics of golf swings to golf fans at public courses and country clubs all across America. Private instruction to avid golfers teaches advanced skills and can greatly improve your overall performance.

Private lessons are only one form of golf instruction. Though it is of course highly effective, it is also the most expensive. Even though this method of golf instruction is the most beneficial, due to its high cost many people simply cannot afford this type of one on one instruction. So what do people interested in mastering the game of golf do when they can't afford private lessons?

Alternative Golf Instruction

One of the best alternatives to private golf instruction is video golf instruction. Studying proper swing technique and then trying to emulate that form is essential in developing your skills. Viewing an instructional golf video allows you to not only hear instructions step by step but also allows you to watch golf professionals demonstrating proper technique.

Another alternative is to learn golf online. Online golf instructional sites lay out proper form and also often have video clips to illustrate good technique. Some sites even have chat forums or discussion boards that allow people to share stories and ask questions that can help you improve your game. Reading golf instructional manuals is also valuable, though less so because you cannot see proper swings demonstrated in real time.

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