Golf Instruction Videos

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Golf lessons may not be the best way for a child to learn how to play golf. Though most teachers are well versed in the game of golf, not all are well versed with handling kids. Lessons may also be out of the budget for many parents as they can range from $25 a lesson to $100 a lesson. Instructional videos may be the right solution in certain situations when individual lessons are not an option or wanted.

Golf instruction videos will mainly cover the fundamentals of the golf swing. Swinging the club looks easy when you watch it being done by others or professionals. Once you pick up a club and try to mimic the swing, you realize it is awkward and not that simple. Correct grip, posture, swing plane, shoulder turn and weight distribution are all important aspects of a sound swing. Instruction videos will teach the fundamentals of the golf swing through visual and auditory teaching tools.

Instructional videos will also teach players etiquette of the game. Golf is a game that relies on the politeness of other players to keep the game flowing. Etiquette such as being quiet while another player is hitting to not walking in a players line can all be thoroughly explained in an instruction video. There are other rules of etiquette that do not pertain to the game itself but to the golf course. Repairing ball marks, replacing divots, raking bunkers and driving carts on the path are all actions that show respect to the golf course and other players.

Golf Instructional Videos for Kids

There is a group of instructional videos designed specifically with children in mind. It would be difficult to have a child interested in learning the basics of putting if it isn't presented in a fun and exciting fashion. Videos designed for kids can utilize famous athletes, cartoon characters and music to keep young players interested in the lesson. These videos will also have a fast-paced format with easy to understand language that the child can benefit from.

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