Golf Iron Components

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf iron components can get lost in the search for quality drivers and putters--the glory clubs of golf. Iron play is less forceful than that of the driver and less precise than that of the putter, leaving the irons in a sometimes-forgotten middle ground. But irons bridge the gap between their more famous cousins, and are an integral part of any complete golfer's game.

After all, a good drive or great putt means little when combined with shoddy iron play. The same attention should be given the irons whether using or making them. The are a multitude of golf iron components available for the conscientious golfer who seeks to make the best irons, and choosing the right materials can complete your golf bag and your game.

Customizing Golf Iron Components

Iron shafts are made from a variety of materials, and come in different degrees of finishing. Many shafts are ready to go once a club head is put on, but others allow for more customization from the layer. Such shafts are often outrageously inexpensive, and can be trimmed to the desired flexibility--a great option to have for the adventurous and demanding club maker.

Of course, all golf iron components are cheaper than whole clubs, even with costs for different pieces combined. Even if you like a stiff feel from your irons, such financial flexibility is more than welcome. Making your own custom irons can really bring your play full circle.

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