Golf League Software

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Golf leagues are a great way to meet people and improve your game, but running a league can be a monstrous task. If you manage a golf league, you'll be interested to know golf league software is available. It essentially runs your league for you. This software automates handicapping, standings and scheduling.

Easy as Fore

All you have to do is input the initial data and let your golfers play. So much time is saved, that you can actually enjoy getting to know your guests. You can even play, which would never be an option if you had to oversee the league play and calculate scores and rankings by hand.

Golf software can also track your personal play. It allows you to enter the statistics of your game and see in detail how you're progressing. Instead of just "feeling" you need work in certain areas, you can actually see it. In this way, you can zero in what you most want to work on. A lot of golf teachers and coaches use golf software to help their students.

Not Your Father's Golf League Software

Golf has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in the past decade. No longer is it thought of as a sport just for men in their 50s wearing plaid pants and loudly colored shirts. With charismatic champions like Tiger Woods, a whole new generation has been turned on to golf. A lot of young people are interested in golf and everyone who plays wants to know how to improve their game. Software is one more method of improvement that appeals to a younger crowd.

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