Golf Leagues

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Golf leagues are a great way to meet people and improve your game. When you play against the same opponents on the same course, your game gets stale. It's difficult to manage golf leagues, but now there's an easier way. Golf leagues are easier to manage when you use sports management software.

Golf: A Classic Game

Golf is a complex game. It began in some form possibly as early as 300 B.C. Our modern version was kicked off by the Scottish in the 1300s. Since the beginning, golf was very popular. It looks easy to simply hit a ball with a club into a hole, and that's the appeal. Getting the ball from your tee to the hole is the hard part.

To be a good golfer, you need strong physical capabilities. People discount the physicality involved in the game because it's fairly slow-paced for a sport. For example, no one doubts that basketball players have to be physically fit. Golfers walk or are even driven from hole to hole, so it looks easy, but it's not.

Strength is needed to hit the ball for hundreds of yards. Flexibility is needed to control your shot. A strong mind is needed to visualize your shot. Grantland Rice once said, "Golf is twenty percent mechanics and technique. The other eighty percent is philosophy, humor, tragedy, romance, melodrama, companionship, camaraderie, cussedness, and conversation." That's a lot for such a seemingly simple game.

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