Golf Novelty Gifts

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Golf gag gifts add a touch of levity to golf outings or can be fun as a birthday present for that "golf-a-holic." They can also be used to liven up a serious, or not-so-serious, golf match. Golf balls that "explode" with water or talcum powder when hit are perfect for the practical joker. Alternately, watching putters contend with the frustrations of a wobbling golf ball can be great fun for all involved.

Golf Can Be Funny

Does your golf partner always "borrow" your golf tees? Consider giving him some flattop tees, impossible to tee up. Or, give your golfing friend a "talking" putter that gives advice every time he tries to putt. How about a "pop-up" tee that knocks the golf ball off the tee at the last moment?

Golf joke books or similar gags, such as a blank book entitled "Everything I Know about Golf," can be a funny, tongue-in-cheek present. Bobblehead dolls with sayings like "I'd rather be golfing" also make popular gifts. Golf gifts can also be risqué, such as golf tees shaped like scantily clad women.

A more subtle touch of golf whimsy can be found at home with golf bathroom tissue or a golf green computer mouse pad. In addition, you can also delight and challenge your friends with a golf board game, golf trivia, golf Monopoly, or even a wooden Tic-Tac-Golf game. Golf doesn't have to be so serious, especially since it is now so easy to inject a little bit of humor into your next golf gift.

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