Golf Outing Contests

Written by Gregg Ruais
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You don't have to be the world's greatest golfer to walk away from golf outings with lucrative prizes. All one really needs are clubs and a little bit of luck. Some expensive gifts are given to the players who hit the best single shots on specific holes, or those who step up and make 50 foot putts when money is on the line. Although the best golfers are the favorites to win these games, contests involving one swing are really up for grabs. Even the worst players can hope to win.

All It Takes Is One Lucky Stroke

When competing for 18 holes, superior talent usually prevails, sort of like seven-game series in team sports. In a best-out-of-seven playoff, it's incredibly difficult for inferior teams to pull off upsets. However, in single elimination tournaments, such as March Madness, any team can knock off the favorites on any given night.

A golfer like me, who spends most of his time on the links searching through the woods for lost balls, needs just one perfect swing for a hole in one. Regardless of how poorly I play, there will always be a few shots of mine that land as close to the pins as any professional golfer's tee shots would. That's no exaggeration. Every once in a while, the sun, moon, and stars seem to align and the ideal golf shot follows. While I've never made a hole in one, I have hit the flagpole on a bounce, which is pretty darn close. Those are the shots that would give me hope if I ever had the opportunity to take a $10,000 hole in one.

Some outings feature long-distance putting contests. Just about everyone has sunk some amazing miniature golf shots. Sure, those big-money putts require more distance than putt-putt shots, but at least there are no obstacles on standard golf course greens. Players just have to hit their balls at the right speeds and take into account the green contours, which isn't easy but is still possible.

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