Golf Pin Flag

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Golf pin flags are those colorful banners waving from the green to let you know where to aim your golf ball from the fairway and from the tee. Pin flags are made to be seen. They're bright, shiny, and full of color and design. Golf pin flags are usually made of weather-treated cotton or vinyl.

Customized golf pin flags make terrific additions to a company golf outing. Flags can be designed to incorporate the company or event logo, and they can also be given as gifts to clients or employees after the event. Pin flags are an ideal way of announcing a company's participation in sponsoring a particular hole of an event with multiple sponsors.

Collectible Golf Pin Flags

Collectible and autographed golf pin flags are becoming popular as golf memorabilia. A top player's signature, such as Jack Nicklaus's or Tiger Woods's, can add considerable value to a pin flag. If that player happens to have won the tournament for which the flag was designed, then it is likely to be considered particularly special, and accordingly expensive. Some collectible golf pin flags are framed in order to preserve them and make them easier to display.

Collectible golf pin flags range in cost from quite affordable to upwards of several thousand dollars. Collectible golf pins are available through online golf memorabilia and golf art dealers. They are also, increasingly, available from individuals on eBay. As with any online auction item, however, it is important to exercise caution, as forgeries have become more common, as well.

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