Golf Practice

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Have you dedicated hundreds of hours of your life to golf practice, never to figure out just how the heck to play the game? Chances are that you don't know how to golf. It is simply amazing how many people spend thousands of dollars on equipment and greens fees, without ever thinking to take some lessons on how to swing a golf club. This is like laying down ten grand of your own money to enter a poker tournament when you have never played a hand of Texas Hold 'em. Perhaps that's not the best idea. The key to making the most of your golf practice time is in learning what and how to practice.

It is likely that no one ever taught you the correct way to hit a golf ball, and that you just started playing. Odds are too that the people you play with are your equally ill-informed friends who are just as bad as you are on the links. In order to get better you must learn and develop the proper technique to hitting a golf ball. It is not as simple as it seems, no matter how easy Tiger makes it look. There is really only one way to hit a golf ball, and if you watch the pros you will begin to realize that they all hold, swing, and follow through on the club the same way. It is only once you learn how to swing a club that your hours of golf practice will begin paying off.

What Is the Best Way to Utilize My Golf Practice Time?

There are those who will try to tell you that hitting on the range is just not the same as playing a round, and that you are pretty much just wasting your time striking ball after ball. While it is true that being on the course differs in both the pressure it poses and the terrain it offers, the idea that it does not help your game is simply ridiculous. Golf is like any other sport, and the more you practice using the proper form, the better you get at it. You want striking a golf ball to become as natural as breathing, a goal that can only be achieved by day after day of hitting ball after ball. Besides, what are you going to do, drop fifty bucks every time you have the slightest urge to whack a few balls around?

So, quit wasting hours of golf practice time using techniques that will never help you lower your score. Instead, it might be a better idea to learn the right way to hit a golf ball through lessons or with a golf teaching aid like a dual hinged driver or chipping net. The results will be more satisfying.

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