Golf Putter Components

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf putter components can help you to add some logical thought to what is often a very inexact science. Putting is the bane of many on the course, and many golfers go through a whole host of putters trying to decide which club is lucky that day. While even the best putter won't help you read the greens any better, a custom-made club can give you the boost you need to really go for your shots.

The shaft is an issue of great debate when it comes to putting. Do you prefer a standard length, or are you of the Bernard/Vijay school that proposes a much longer shaft for increased consistency and control? If you aren't sure, you may want to try both, an option available thanks to the newfound availability of golf putter components.

Golf Putter Components: Flexibility First

Putting together your own putter can give you a wider range of options, thanks to the fact that component clubs are less expensive than the clubs you'll find in stores. If indecision is your problem, why not try out a couple of different shaft lengths on a couple of different heads? The freedom to compare the two is a big part of the beauty of golf putter components.

Besides, who doesn't want to spend a little more time on golf? Creating a putter is a great way to improve your game--while you're not even on the course! Even a custom putter won't put the ball in the hole every time, but having a piece of equipment you've made and tested is a great recipe for a putter you can rely on.

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