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Golf Resorts

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A warm sunny day, fresh-cut grass without a divot in sight, majestic rolling fairways and a calm soothing silence: what more could any golfer really want? The answer is plenty. Golf is no longer just a game played on Sundays, but a way of life.

Golf: More Than Just a Game
Golf has now grown to encompass men, women, and children and has become a family pastime. It has become one of the top ways for families to spend quality time together and get some exercise at the same time. This has led to a boom in business for golf resorts, as a number of families are looking to have golf-oriented vacations. It's a great way for Mom and Dad to bond--especially if it's a golf spa resort--while letting the kids have some fun.

There are several thousand golf resorts in the U.S., located in all parts of the country. Many of the resorts also boast some of the best greens in the world. All in all, U.S. golfers spend $15.1 billion dollars a year on golf with about $8 billion going towards playing fees. In response, courses and resorts have stepped up their respective games, and there are now more options than ever.

With airfare being so expensive, many families are finding a quick drive to the nearest resort to be the best bet. Prices are reasonable and there is usually something for everyone at the resort, even if they're not a golfer. For example, many resorts offer day spas and kid-friendly activities.

More Than Just Golf
The best resorts typically offer a host of activities for families to enjoy. There are usually recreational and fitness facilities as well as practice facilities. Many of the resorts also offer clinics or classes on how to golf just in case you want to brush up on your skills. For those who are looking to introduce their kids to the game, this can be the ideal way.

Many of the most popular resorts are located in tourist areas. This way, families can enjoy dining out, movies, and various other attractions in the evenings. Some resorts are even located near national parks.

You Don't Have to Stay to Play
Many resorts treat the golf aspect as a separate business. It is not only used to attract people to the resort, but as a way to keep an influx of money coming into the hotel when things are a bit slow. Preference is given to guests of the hotel but many places are open to the public.

With that said, if the golf course isn't to your tastes, you can always try for a tee time at another course. Most golfers plan on playing more than one course during their stay anyway. As you plan your golf vacation, it's definitely worthwhile to find an area that has a number of courses you'd like to try, and then pick your resort based on its proximity to these courses.

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