Golf In San Antonio

Written by Kevin Little
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Golf in San Antonio may never be the equal in popularity to the sport in Texas, namely football. But there is no reason that both can't exist together in some sort of harmony--witness the situation of former All-Pro quarterback Tommy Kramer. Tommy grew up in San Antonio and lives back there now, and counts his home golf course among the treasures of the Alamo city.

In a state the size of Texas, there's room for passion for more than one sport, and golf has been quite happy to compete for second place in the hearts and minds of San Antonio residents. Rest assured, though, there's nothing second-rate about the golf in San Antonio. Whether you're a long-time local with a club membership or an out-of-town visitor looking for a public course, you'll be able to play your way to golfing bliss in this historic town.

Looking for Golf in San Antonio?

Maybe you're like Tommy Kramer and like to stick primarily to one course, or maybe you've got some of that pioneer spirit and like to wander the unknown terrain. Either way, you'll have plenty of options to sort through when looking for a place to play golf in San Antonio. The courses are of such quality that you might only ever need to visit one!

Then again, variety is the spice of life, as they say, and San Antonio golf courses are plentiful and affordable enough that you can experiment until the cows come home. Long Texas summers were made for leisurely strolls along the fairways, and if you like to interrupt such pastoral walks with short bursts of competition, well, then golf is the game for you. So look around for information about local courses--neither the info nor the golf should be too hard to find!

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