Golf Score Counters

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Every time you play golf with your friends, someone has to be assigned the miserable task of being the golf score counter. Of course, to err is human. Miscalculations are made. It's always easy for the somewhat unscrupulous player to forget to mark a stroke or two on his or her own score. Adding up the scores afterwards can be tricky, too. Many potential arguments could be avoided with more accurate score counting technology.

Golf Score Counting Made Better

Do you or one of your friends have a laptop? There are golf score tracking programs on the market today that allow golf enthusiasts to easily enter and track scores, and even analyze player data to come up with statistical analyses of their game. Installing one of these programs on a laptop will allow you and your friends to bring such software out on the golf course. This could make things a lot more friendly.

Now the golf score counter will simply enter scores into the required fields quickly and easily. All the other players can watch to see if he or she is entering the right numbers. An instant tabulation will take into account handicaps and output an accurate analysis of the game. No more guesswork. No more cheating. The software doesn't lie.

Your friends can sometimes be sore losers. Sometimes, the score counter can even be falsely accused of cheating when players get frustrated over their own performance. Now's your chance to end all that conflict. Just don't let anyone throw your laptop into the pond. The idea is to end arguments with your friends, not start brand new ones.

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