Golf Score Stats

Written by Michael O'Brien
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For golf fans, watching the pros play on TV is a fun way to further enjoy the game. One of the fun things about watching golf on TV is all the speculation and analysis. In between holes, statistics of player performances are displayed, charting their progress and other pertinent data. Based on that, it's fun to see what you're favorite golfer's chances are.

Bringing the Fun of Golf Home

Ever wish you could have all of those powerful analysis tools at your disposal too? Wouldn't it be nice to see your own golf score stats on the screen? It's now possible to take the information you see used on the pros on television on your own game. You can even chart the scores and progress of your friends, too.

Golf programs are available on the market today that work the same way as financial programs or business management software. These programs take information you enter and collate it into easy to read graphs and reports. With this data, you can watch the progress of a situation and decide which areas are doing well and which need improvement.

The same technology has been applied to golf. Entering your name, scores, course conditions, and other data allows the program to come up with golf score stats you can analyze. Maybe you've miscalculated your par averages and are playing with the wrong handicap. Maybe certain courses are giving you trouble. This is your chance to look at your own golf game the same way you do with the pros on television.

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