Golf Scores

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Some of the most fun weekend pastimes can be hitting the golf course with your friends and getting in a few holes. For some, it's casual fun. For others, it can get really competitive. There's a new way to make the game even more fun and interesting. The next time you golf, try bringing your laptop to the course.

A New Dimension to the Game

There are many golf score tracking programs available today to help golfing enthusiasts track their games, tabulate scores, and monitor players' skill progress. When a day on the course is done, this is a fun way to keep enjoying the game at home. The same technology can be used on the golf course as well, however. Why wait until you get home? Why not enjoy powerful analysis tools on the course, with your friends?

When the game begins, break out the laptop with a golf score tracking program installed on it. Enter the names of your friends, handicap scores, and course names and conditions. As the game progresses, take a moment to enter the players' strokes per hole. Scores can easily be tabulated and winners determined.

What's even more fun is comparing past scores to current ones and looking at how a player is doing now as opposed to previous games. Is one of your buddies starting to gain on you skill wise? Are you finding a certain kind of club is messing you up under certain conditions? Who won the last game, and by how much? Are there patterns? It's a great way for you and your friends to improve upon the fun of golf.

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