Golf Sponsor Hole Signs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Everyone who watches sports knows that many companies sponsor athletic events. The announcers mention sponsor names and plug their products right after commercials end and just before the action begins. At live games, spectators often see advertisements all over stadiums and arenas, like on the Green Monster at Fenway Park, on the scorer's tables at NBA games, and near the Jumbo-Trons at football games.

Companies have even found ways to market themselves at amateur sporting events, like country club golf outings. Golfers come across signs all over the links. Some indicate special contests being held at specific holes. Because a few hundred people walk by these signs every day, marketers realized golf signs are great places to advertise.

Target Advertising through Golf Signs

Some businesses actually mass-produce these signs. Large corporations usually will not waste their time paying for ad space when only a few hundred people will see them, but if the same sign will be used at thousands of golf tournaments, they actually reach hundreds of thousands of people through one sign. Using this marketing method, companies receive the same exposure as they would by placing advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Only golf signs are much larger than newspaper ads.

Moreover, golfers always read the signs they see on courses. Golf signs contain information pertinent to everyone playing. While newspaper readers may skip advertisements altogether, people playing golf cannot help but notice advertisements.

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