Golf Sponsor Tee Signs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Advertisements located on golf tees help relieve the financial burden of playing in tournaments. Both local and national businesses put their names on banners and signs, which also indicate the free prizes to be given out on specific holes. Sponsors help pay for giveaways, making tournaments more exciting for everyone involved.

Tee Signs and Marketing Strategy

Tee signs are actually excellent locations for advertisements. A few hundred people will pass them every day. In this case, however, it's not the quantity of advertising but the quality. Golfers often have to wait 15 minutes or more before teeing up, exposing them to the signs for extended durations. Moreover, ads near tees are often the only ones around. They have their audience's undivided attention.

Association is a popular marketing strategy. Companies hire celebrities to endorse their products all the time because they want consumers to link products and services with the faces they know and love. Golf banners often tell people about lucrative prizes and mention the sponsors responsible for offering the awards. This makes people associate generosity and wealth with company names.

Signs are usually placed at the exact holes where significant prizes will be awarded. Banners let people know their opportunity to hit the jackpot is now and should pay special attention to their swings on particular holes. Some golfers aim for the greens and fairways; when shooting for a $50,000 hole in one, however, those same people direct their shots right at the holes.

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