Golf Stand Bags

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Throughout the history of the game of golf, players do not always carry their own clubs. Caddies were often used at both private and public golf courses to help players navigate the golf course and carry their clubs. The advent of the riding golf cart doomed the caddy at many local golf courses. The carts were cost-efficient and were a handy tool to have around the pro shop. Golfers also enjoyed not having to walk the many miles a golf course can cover.

Not all golfers enjoy riding in golf carts and many choose to walk the course. Caddies are no longer found at an overwhelming number of golf courses so players carry their own clubs. Since caddies used to carry and hold clubs, the bags didn't need to provide for any support. Once caddies were removed from the picture, golf bags needed to evolve to avoid being laid flat on the ground.

Introducing Standing Golf Bags

I'm not sure who invented standing golf bags, but the person who did is a genius. No longer is a walking golfer forced to lay his bag on the ground. Now golf bags come with the ability to stand. The bag is propped up by two legs that are forced out of the bag by a triggering mechanism when the bag is put down.

The bag stands at about a 45 degree angle to the ground. This allows for easy access to your club selection. It also makes picking the bag up and throwing the strap over your shoulder a lot easier than if it was lying flat on the ground. Stand bags typically come with a double strap similar to a back pack. This allows for equal weight distribution across both shoulders when carrying the club. Stand bags are a must for any golfer who walks, even if it is just for one round a year.

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