Golf Swing Tempos

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Who among us doesn't have a friend with one of the worst golf swing tempos the golf gods ever cursed someone with? He has "Kill It!" engraved on his club heads, and he just swings with all his might. Inevitably the ball goes careening off, drawn to the nearest water hazard like a magnet. Everybody tries to tell him to calm down and just gently strike the ball. He never listens and is doomed to a lifetime of triple digit scores.

You don't want to be that guy, and you don't have to be that guy. The importance of golf swing tempos is something that some people just never get, but correctly done it can be the one thing that saves your game from forever being an embarrassment. It goes hand-in-hand with the proper technique and equipment to form the trifecta of the perfect golf swing.

The Importance of Power in Golf Swing Tempos

What must be understood is that it really isn't the amount of power you put into a swing that determines its length and loft, but rather the club head and its impact with the ball that will lead to a good golf shot. The speed and power that lead to ever-longer shots come from the hours of practice spent honing your golf swing tempos. I refer to the tempo in the plural form because different shots require different strokes. You are not going to swing a short chip shot the same way you would the driver off the tee on a par five.

Don't let yourself become the guy on the course who brings up 3-inch deep divots every time you try to hit a nine iron. Work on getting the form right, perfecting the nice easy swing, and the power, distance, and accuracy will come.

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