Golf Swing Trainers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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For aspiring golfers needing to refine their skills, golf swing trainers are a very good investment. You can have the best set of clubs on the market and the fanciest golf outfit, but if you don't have the swing, you don't have a thing. Golf swing trainers can help you develop the skills to compliment your clubs and your outfit.

Some of the most effective golf swing trainers are specially designed clubs. These clubs are designed to help golfers learn the fundamentals of swing and overcome problems like slices or too much loft. If you want to start hitting straight, long shots, picking up one of these training tools is great idea.

The Best Golf Swing Trainers

There are a few different designs for swing trainers. One is the flexible shaft. These can help, but I personally prefer hinged drivers. Hinged drivers help you develop balance, tempo, and a nice level stroke. The hinge in the shaft will break if any part of your swing is off. (Don't worry, it goes right back together.)

If your swing is not right, the hinge will come apart and you will know there is a problem. Put it back together and then swing again. Keep doing this until you can hit your drive without the club coming apart. When you can do this, you know you have all the essentials of a good swing working together and you'll lose your slice and hit better tee shots. Just don't forget to yell "FORE!"

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