Golf Swings

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Golf swings are as individual as the people who use them. Everyone has their own unique style and form. Whether it's left or right handed golf swings, no two people have the exact same approach to the game. There are, however, certain standards everyone should follow to perfect the classic swing.

Golf swings need to be taught on an individual basis. Watching someone swing or reading about proper technique can only get you so far. Once you've been taught or watched others swing, you will need to practice consistently to master your swing. You can not practice too much and the more you do, the better your swing will become.

Some Essentials of Good Golf Swings

One of the basic components of a good golf swing is a comfortable stance. The way you address the ball is an essential part your shot. An awkward stance can send your ball flying in directions you do not intend. Your feet should be a comfortable distance apart, usually around shoulder width. A proper stance will help ensure that your lower body leads during your downswing, resulting in a beautiful shot every time.

Backswings are a crucial part of good golf swings. Your back swing should be smooth and constant. It should not be too fast or too slow. It needs to be a smooth, flowing motion, not choppy or hurried, but not too slow either. This will transition into a solid down swing and proper contact position, resulting in a great shot, no matter what distance you're at or club you're using.

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