Golf Tee Holders

Written by Jacey Harmon
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In order to play golf, a player must start each hole by hitting a ball from the teeing ground. To do this, most players will use a tee to lift the ball off the ground. Placing the ball on the tee gives the player control over the lie of the ball. Placing the ball up on a tee will also place the ball into the proper position to be hit by a driver. Modern drivers require the ball to be hit high on the clubface. A ball that is teed up properly can increase the likelihood of a well hit drive.

A tee will probably be made out of wood or, in some cases, plastic. The tee will likely be colored white, blue, or red or it may be a simple natural wood. Some players like a colored tee so they can see the swing path across the bottom of their club as the paint is scuffed off the tee and placed on the bottom of the club. Other players prefer uncolored tees because they don't like the paint on the bottom of their club.

Organizing Tees

The odds of hitting a tee shot without breaking a tee are rather slim. This requires a player to carry a collection of tees when playing. This can create a mess in the bag as tees can be strewn all over the place. For people who are neat and organized, this may be a bit frustrating.

Fortunately for those highly organized individuals, there are tee holders available. Tee holders will fit a group of tees, anywhere from eight to twelve, for easy access. Most tee holders are made out of plastic and can be clipped on the outside of the bag. They can be customized with a company logo or even your name. Tee holders are a low cost item and will cost under $5 from most vendors.

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