Golf Tournament Budgets

Written by Gregg Ruais
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By contacting vendors and local advertisers for funding, some corporations have the ability to hold extravagant golf outings without exceeding tight budgets. Most businesses fawn over their most important customers. From the client side, there's nothing wrong with asking vendors for some favors now and then.

When I worked as manager of a shipping department, salespeople from trucking companies would buy dozens of pizzas for my staff and me. Whenever my employees deserved something special, I could always count on certain contacts to buy them lunch. Vendors use these occasions as write-offs, and business lunches improve customer relations. Everyone benefited.

Using Business Leverage for Tournament Funding

Company big wigs have even more pull with vendors. When I was with that same company, we had a golf outing that included an elaborate food buffet and enough prizes for over 40 managers. The awards given included tickets to see the Mets and Yankees, sets of golf clubs, and expensive bottles of champagne.

The generosity of the gifts surprised me, as my former company is notoriously cheap when it comes to salaries and merit increases. However, I later learned that the senior managers hadn't used a dime of company money for the event. Our vendors provided the food, unlimited drinks, and all those gifts as tokens of gratitude for our business.

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