Golf Tournament Ideas

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Fun is the most important quality of an amateur golf tournament. However, different people enjoy themselves in various ways. For some people, a round of golf is merely an excuse to have a few beers, smoke cigars, and hang out with the guys. Other golfers play for money. While they enjoy the sport, they just don't get enthusiastic about competing unless something is at stake. Then there are the purists, who enjoy the game because it poses a challenge; golf is man against nature, man against himself, and a fine way to spend an afternoon.

Tournaments don't necessarily have to cater to all these factions at once. Some outings are intended for players willing to pay $500 and have the opportunity to win several thousand in return. Even when playing for free, many golfers make side bets. Tournament prizes usually far exceed the money people win when competing against just a few people, because at tournaments, all the admission money gets pooled together.

Ways to Make Tournaments More Fun for Everyone

Regardless of how much money is at stake, it's never a bad idea to have a course employee riding around on a golf cart offering refreshments and food. Common golf fare includes candy bars and hot dogs. Even some serious golfers will drink a few beers while playing. To really impress the crowd, the person selling food could also offer cigars. People at all levels enjoy lighting up on the back nine.

Side competitions also make tournaments fun. Players who perform poorly and are out of contention by the back nine shouldn't feel as though they are playing for nothing at all. Tournament hosts can set up contests or playoffs that give people the opportunity to drive or putt for considerable sums of money after the rounds have been played.

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